Friday, June 20, 2008

officially in gruedorf -- BS commands finished, some new art/maps

Daily screenshots:

blackmoss 6/20
battle, 6/20

I got everything done that I wanted to get done yesterday, or thereabouts. I didn't do the upstairs section of Blackmoss, but I did do the downstairs area (part of it.) The nice thing today was that I managed to finish some tiles to replace the total bullshit disco floor placeholder tiles from hahn01.vsp. It's getting there, even if the corner tiles are pretty much ass.

Tomorrow's goals:
- New sprite (the dude with the hat)
- Implement the charge times in the battle--if time, make "Fight" do something other than pop a message/register a "hit" to the enemy that does jack
- Actually finish laying out's upstairs
- Draft a full script for the opening sequence and think about coding that
- Decide on an archenemy (leaning towards SDHawk since he needs new archenemies anyway)


egometry said...

Off to a running start, eh?

glambourine said...

Hopefully I can keep it up, but yeah--give me some competition here!

Minimum Overkill said...

You know, I'm going to RETURN to making my game with Gruedorf posts at some point soon. At that point you're joining a 3 to 4-way rivalry! :(

But yeah, it's nice to see you're mkaing some progress!


Minimum Overkill said...

That should be "making" not "mkaing"
Argh, I should really proof-read my messages before I hit submit. Grumble groan.

glambourine said...

Overkill: I totally like the Res builds so far--you'd better return to making it, punk, if we're gonna do this blood feud thing and all. I'll cut you, I'll cut you so hard you DIE