Sunday, October 28, 2012

Less opaque UI + horrible AI debugging

Not too much this week; I lost the last three days to Wizard World Austin comic-con, reppin' Rocksalt Magazine and Bad Mother. Here's what was done:

Made the UI system way less opaque by adding fun help text explanations about what my opaque icon glyphs are. (This involved slightly revising and improving the way the UI system draws to the screen, which knocks a couple things off my long-term to-do list)

Began coping with the terrible task of one day figuring out how to debug the AI. If it doesn't work right at this stage, when all we're dealing with is single variable-to-constant comparisons and checking which flags are set, good luck getting it to work with what I intend this system to eventually be. So next week is mostly going to be wading through these hideous v3.log files and figuring out exactly where the logic errors are, and figuring out once and for all how I'm going to handle flags.

Not a lot of work, but it was at least an hour, so this is a solid "C-" Gruedorf update.

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