Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Goodness Gracious

So again we're experiencing major computer problems which gives the game a frame rate of something like 2 fps. This is obviously bullshit, but until I can get a new computer or somehow fix this one, I can't really do the stuff that's remaining on Chocolate Sauce for the first release. I have some new enemy art to load in, and that's about it.

One thing that has been done or is about to be done: I was talking with Paul about wanting to write a cutscene parser for VERGE as part of the work on Demon Lord Adventure III, which I could then use for all future cutscenes on Chocolate Sauce since writing cutscenes is horrible. He came up with an idea for a better "wait for entity" function that's pixel-perfect rather than relying on the entity movecode strings, which cause problems when you do a lot of things where entities stagger backward one step, etc. I've been writing cutscenes just by choosing an arbitrary number of ticks to pause the engine for entities to move and then trial-and-erroring that number, which is senselessly tedious. A parser is the ultimate goal, but implementing it would be crazy since it involves some kind of metacode. I'll figure it out.

That's mostly it--I've been busy with other stuff lately, mostly a new internship and the revival of my webcomic, The Man Who Hates Fun. I have so little stuff left to do on Chocolate Sauce Part I that it's stupid I haven't yet done it--until I can somehow get a computer setup that lets me check things at a reasonable frame rate, though, there's not really a point. That's not a good excuse but it remains an excuse.

Art I can do at least. I'll try to at least make the maps look cooler/finished by next week.


Minimum Overkill said...

He's back! I was afraid you were gone forever. Well it's great to know Glambo's still alive and kicking.

So 2fps on your game? ...Wow that sounds pretty terrible. Hope you can remedy your computer issues!

Although, having lived with a Windows 98 Pentium with only 64 MB of RAM up until 2005 and having my games run relatively well makes me think you might just be doing something off in your timing code. So if it's just low specs you're running on, I could probably lend a hand.

Then again, if EVERYTHING on the computer is sucking (even applications that are designed for your computer specs), then that's a different story.

Either way, I wish you well!

egometry said...

Woo Glamborine's back.

Let the competition continue!

glambourine said...

Ovk: Unfortunately it is everything that is running slowly--Firefox takes something like five minutes to open. Gmail is a worse proposition altogether. On the same computer with no changes in the way the timer works in the cut scenes, the frame rate went from a decent amount to *completely awful* in something like a week. I appreciate your offer of a hand!

Grue: That battle video is totally wonderful. It is a thing of great joy, I would even say.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, Glambourine isn't dead!