Thursday, August 7, 2008

Relax, Said The Night Man, We Are Programmed To Receive

Moving took two full days; unpacking two more. We had to move a probably dead man's belongings out of the new apartment (chess pieces and roaches under one of his chairs, mysterious gold coins in his dresser which was split in two like an axe had done something terrible.) Still haven't fully unpacked and then had to fly out to Los Altos where I'll be for a week or so more. I guess Grue lives around here, according to back Gruedorf entries? I can understand why his gruedorf updates have become alarmingly infrequent, his former bark so much worse than his current bite. The California life is soft, the air easy, killing. The twin stenches of death and jacarandas float upon the air and motivation is hard to come by to say the least.

So I didn't get that much done this week, no. Furious about this but I've got to get caught up at work. I managed to find old copies of the two corrupted maps and sort of rebuild them to the point I want them to be at.


Putting that stupid mountain in place again counts for pretty much all of my gruedorf hour to begin with. (Query: is there a hotkey for changing tiles? If so, what? If not, why not?) I also did some other mountain tiles as "borders", mostly on the desert map. They aren't in any screen shots because they look horrible and embarrassing so far. Added some frames to unfinished sprites, fiddled around with tile layouts, wrote some code for Secret Of Mana style map-switching (where you run off of the current map, cameratracking = 0, while it fades out.) It's all a bunch of stupid stuff like this that needs to get done eventually, dusting and shining instead of just cleaning out the damn closet. Admittedly I had "waste of a good week" written on my old todo.txt file for the game this week, but I'm still behind on my current plans and basically things is low. More coding needs to happen so I can actually finish up the game systems and feel comfortable with just going full-out onto content.

In short, this update is valid (over one hour/week of gamez work), and yet it is deeply no good. Better one next week when I get used to this restful poison, maybe when I'm actually caught up at work.

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