Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update On Calamity

I have another computer (at the price of crushing debt for a few weeks) and I've checked out the contents of my backup file. Let's pretend last week's update never happened, because I've lost essentially everything new from it. The items system still works, but equipping items doesn't. The map spells system is broken and needs to be recoded--not that big of a deal, just a pain to have to do it again. I've lost a few map tiles but not major ones. My items.dat file is mostly lost and I suspect the additional code for parsing and loading it is also lost--I think I have some hard copies of the different items I made up in my game notes and I was going to have to revise a lot of those items anyway. I've lost a lot of the revised damage calculations that made more sense. I've lost the code for multi-enemy battles, but I knew that was going to be the minimum loss.

The biggest issue is actually losing the sprite for Cass altogether, which is extremely irritating. But I'm lucky I've got any of this project back at all.

At least all of the story code and text are still working and I didn't lose too much art altogether.

So--not really any work done this week besides finally getting all of this back together. Some of the items code has been redone and some of the new code for initiating multi-enemy battles is done. The game now knows how to unequip and equip items and do so without crashing the items arrays. The player can't do those things, but one day he or she sure will be able to, by God. The code to load map hot spots is in place and the code to run events based on whether or not the player clicks on a hot spot in the map spells mode is in place, but I haven't tested it yet. It's all getting back to where it was and it should work slightly more smoothly. I'm really just burned up about losing that sprite right now.

By next week I'm hoping to have all the systems built at least: map spells, menu/equipment, multi-enemy combat and all the battle commands. Then I can just worry about graphics and actually building the game.

Sorry this is lame, and sorry no screenshot.


egometry said...

Looking forward to more!

egometry said...

omg 24 hours! Hurry up man! :D